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Embracing Peace of Mind: The Importance of Worldwide Travel Protection


Traveling can be an immensely rewarding and enriching experience, providing opportunities to connect with diverse cultures, create unforgettable memories, and broaden our horizons. However, it is impossible to predict what challenges or unforeseen incidents can accompany our journeys. In the unfortunate event of a death occurring while traveling, the logistical, emotional, and financial implications can be overwhelming for the deceased’s family. This is where Worldwide Travel Protection (WTP) comes into play, providing invaluable support and peace of mind during such difficult times.

WTP covers a wide range of critical services designed to alleviate the stress and financial burden associated with repatriating a loved one from anywhere in the world, whether on land or at sea. For a one-time low cost, you can protect yourself and your family from potential complications and expenses resulting from death while traveling. With WTP, you can rest assured that your family will not have to manage this challenging experience alone, as our team is dedicated to offering comprehensive repatriation support and guidance during this challenging time.

Key aspects of WTP include handling all necessary documents, such as consular services for death outside Canada, as well as locating and arranging transportation to a local funeral establishment near the place of death. Following this, the deceased is prepared for transportation home to Canada. WTP also provides transportation for one travelling companion to return home with the deceased, ensuring that they receive the necessary support during this trying journey.

In the following sections, we will explore in greater detail the components of Worldwide Travel Protection as an essential element for promoting peace of mind while traveling. We will discuss how WTP can be an invaluable support system during a challenging experience and examine its various benefits as part of our commitment to comprehensive end-of-life and emergency planning services.

1. A Comprehensive Support System: Navigating Repatriation Challenges

The passing of a loved one during travel can entail numerous logistical challenges and complications, particularly when it takes place in a foreign country. Worldwide Travel Protection (WTP) offers a comprehensive support system to help you and your family navigate these challenges, ensuring that the repatriation process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. By handling all necessary documents, locating a local funeral establishment, and coordinating transportation for the deceased and a travelling companion, WTP significantly reduces the burden on grieving families during a difficult time.

2. Cost-Effective Peace of Mind: A One-Time Investment for a Lifetime of Coverage

One of the primary advantages of WTP is its cost-effectiveness, providing a lifetime of coverage for a single, low-cost payment. By investing in WTP, you protect your family from the potential financial strain of repatriation expenses, which can be significant—particularly when death occurs outside of Canada. With this one-time investment, you can rest assured that your family will have the support they need without being burdened by unexpected costs during an already challenging time.

3. Global Coverage: Ensuring Support on Land and at Sea

The scope of WTP coverage is not limited domestically but extends to provide support during travel outside of Canada. Whether your travels take you to a neighbouring country or the other side of the world, WTP ensures that your family is not left to navigate the complexities of repatriation on their own. This global coverage includes both land and sea, providing comprehensive protection regardless of the circumstances or location of your travels.

4. Empowering Family Members: Support for Your Travelling Companions

WTP is not only designed to ease the repatriation process for the deceased, but also to empower and support their travelling companions. Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by those accompanying their loved ones on their final journey home, WTP provides transportation for one travelling companion to return home with the deceased to Canada. In cases where the insured is travelling alone, WTP offers further assistance by providing transportation and reasonable travel expenses for one next of kin to travel to the location of the sending funeral establishment and to return home with the deceased to Canada.

Maximizing the Benefits of Worldwide Travel Protection

1. Planning Your Travels: Incorporating WTP in Your Pre-Travel Checklist

To fully reap the benefits of WTP, it is essential to incorporate it into your pre-travel planning process. Before embarking on any journey, ensure that your WTP coverage is up to date and accessible to your family members. By including WTP in your travel checklist, you are safeguarding your family’s wellbeing and mitigating potential risks associated with overseas travel.

2. Educating Your Family: Communicating the Benefits of WTP

Family communication and education are vital to maximizing the benefits of WTP. Ensure that your loved ones are aware of your WTP coverage and its wide range of services. By fostering a thorough understanding of the protection that WTP provides, you empower your family members to make informed decisions and access support services when needed the most.

3. Establishing Emergency Contacts: Facilitating a Smooth Repatriation Process

One of the critical aspects of leveraging WTP to its fullest potential is identifying and having emergency contacts in place. This ensures that if an unfortunate event arises, your family and emergency contacts are informed and empowered to access the necessary resources provided by WTP to facilitate a smooth repatriation process.


Worldwide Travel Plan serves as an indispensable component of comprehensive emergency and end-of-life planning, offering valuable support and peace of mind during travel-related emergencies. By addressing the logistical, emotional, and financial challenges associated with repatriating a loved one from anywhere in the world, WTP eases the burden on grieving families and allows them to focus on healing. If you have not already considered the benefits of incorporating WTP into your travel and end-of-life planning strategy, we encourage you to explore how this essential service can provide security and peace of mind for your family both at home and abroad. Contact Getting Your Affairs in Order today to learn more about Worldwide Travel Protection and the unrivaled support it provides during times of need.

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