Getting Your Affairs in Order

Let tomorrow begin today.

If someone had to make sense of your financial matters without your help, would they know what you owned, where you kept your will and insurance policies, or even who you wanted to take care of your pet? Do yourself -- and your family -- a big favor and get organized now.

Pre-plan with us...

When you pre-plan your final arrangements, you lock in today's prices and avoid inflation on our services and merchandise.

This is a true gift to your family.

By pre-planning you will save family and friends from much of the urgent stress involved, and they won't need to hastily second guess what you may have wanted. You begin the pre-planning process, most often, as a part of thinking about your Will and the plans for your estate.  You will discover that this entire exercise provides the opportunity to truly explore what you actually want to happen.

By pre-planning/pre-arranging, you eliminate the possibility of emotional overspending.  Financial costs/expenses is an important issue to consider; we have a variety of options for your needs.

Payment Choice

It is often thought that a funeral has to be pre-paid if prearranged, however, you can make a single payment or arrange a payment plan.  Pre-payment for the services is a choice - an option available to anyone who wishes.  There are various payment plans available.