Identity Theft


Identity Theft

A Living Benefit

FDS Identity Protection Agents are ready to help with identity theft restoration.  If your identity is ever compromised, an Identity Restoration Specialist will help you. This is a living benefit.

This additional service is only available when you purchase the Final Documents Service.

Identity Theft benefits:

  • Assistance by calling our Customer Service toll-free number 1-888-977-3752 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Instruction as to how to identify and organize the details pertaining to your theft and how to gather data and complete a police or other report.
  • Fraud Centre contact numbers: TransUnion, Equifax and other key resources
  • Information regarding understanding your rights and responsibilities under Canadian law, reviewing the process required to restore your identity, a Guide Book outlining general tips on what to do NOW that you are a fraud victim and finally, outlines steps needed to proactively reduce exposure to identity theft
  • This option also includes investigating all fraud events and issues fraud alerts, a reviewal credit history to verify if fraud includes items such as prior employment, public records, Social Insurance number, etc., and the services continue until you confirm problem is solved
  • ITR provides final report of investigation upon completion
  • This service is effective when your Final Documents Service plan certificate has been issued to you.