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How Worldwide Travel Protection Simplifies Repatriation from Anywhere


When you plan a trip, whether it’s a short journey or an extensive global adventure, the last thing you want to worry about is what could go wrong. This is where we step in with our Worldwide Travel Protection Plan, designed to take that burden off your shoulders. Traveling is supposed to be about exploration, relaxation, and making memories, not fretting over potential mishaps and their logistical and financial implications.

Our protection plan covers an extensive range of scenarios that could happen while you are away from home. Imagine a situation where you or a loved one faces a medical emergency abroad — not only can the situation be daunting, but the complexity of foreign healthcare systems can also add an extra layer of stress. With our plan, you’re assured that we handle everything from necessary documentation to arranging timely transportation back to Canada if the need arises.

Having such protection is not just about ensuring safety; it’s about allowing you and your family to enjoy uninterrupted, worry-free travels. By taking care of potential risks, we let you focus solely on the joy of your journey. This is why investing in travel protection is more than a precaution; it’s a pathway to experiencing the true essence of travel.

Exploring the Essentials of Worldwide Travel Protection

When you’re away from home, we understand how important it is to feel secure, especially when travelling across borders or to remote locations. Our Worldwide Travel Protection plan is tailored to remove the anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies the unforeseen events of a loved one’s passing while away from home.

This coverage is not just about providing services; it’s about ensuring that you and your family can travel with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are here to handle everything, should the need arise. From the moment a mishap occurs, regardless of where it happens—on land or at sea—we take charge by handling all necessary documents, including consular services if the death occurs outside Canada. Our service expedites the process that can otherwise be daunting, ensuring all logistics from documentation to transportation are smoothly coordinated.

Step-by-Step Guide: What Happens When Repatriation Is Needed

Should the unfortunate happen, the complexity of bringing a loved one back home can seem overwhelming. We make this process as clear and straightforward as possible. Here’s what happens during repatriation when you are covered by us:

1. Notification and Confirmation: The moment we receive notification of the incident, our team immediately verifies and confirms all details pertaining to the deceased and their location. We understand the sensitivity of these situations and handle every case with the utmost respect and urgency.

2. Documentation and Consular Engagement: We swiftly move to gather all necessary legal documents. If the death occurs outside Canada, we liaise with consular officers to ensure that all paperwork complies with both local and international laws, which can vary significantly by country.

3. Transport Arrangements: We locate and arrange transportation to a local funeral establishment near the place of death. This facility then prepares the deceased for transportation back to Canada, adhering to all legal and health regulations.

4. Return of Deceased and Companion: We coordinate the dignified return of the deceased back to Canada. Additionally, if the deceased was travelling with someone, we provide support and transportation for the companion to return home safely.

By handling these critical steps, we alleviate the practical burdens during a time of loss, allowing you to focus on supporting each other through the grieving process.

Comparing Costs: With and Without Our Travel Protection Plan

Understanding the financial impact of not having Worldwide Travel Protection can highlight why this one-time investment is so critical. Let’s break down the costs involved with bringing a loved one home without our travel protection plan versus with it.

Without our plan, the costs quickly add up. Firstly, there are substantial fees for international and even domestic repatriation which can range significantly based on the distance and location. Additionally, legal fees for handling foreign consular services and navigating different jurisdictions are not just costly but can also delay the process. Then, consider transportation and handling fees by local funeral establishments which vary widely around the world. Without our plan, families often face expenses well into the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the emotional toll of managing these complexities during a time of grief.

Conversely, with our Worldwide Travel Protection, all these expenses are covered under a single, affordable fee. We handle all costs associated with paperwork, transportation, and consular services, ensuring no hidden or additional charges burden you or your family. This makes financial planning more predictable and security during travel more assured.

Addressing Your Concerns: Common Questions About Travel Protection

We often hear a few common questions from our clients regarding travel protection, and we’re here to answer them with clarity.

1. Is travel protection worth the cost?

Absolutely, especially considering the high costs and logistical challenges of international repatriation. Our plan covers these expenses entirely, giving you peace of mind for a one-time fee.

2. What if my travel companion needs to return with the deceased?

Our plan includes the provision for a traveling companion’s return to Canada. This ensures that no one has to travel back alone during such a distressing time, which can be a great comfort both emotionally and logistically.

3. What happens if death occurs while travelling alone?

Should the insured be travelling alone, we provide transportation and reasonable travel expenses for one next of kin to travel to the location and return home with the deceased. We take care of all arrangements to ensure they are supported throughout the process.

4. How quickly can arrangements be made?

Timeliness is critical, and our team operates with urgency. Once we are notified, we begin arrangements immediately, ensuring all documentation and transport logistics are handled swiftly and respectfully.

Final Thoughts

Navigating life’s challenges, especially those occurring far from home, requires preparation and the right support. With our Worldwide Travel Protection, we ensure you have both. It’s not just about having security in knowing you can bring a loved one home without undue financial strain; it’s also about the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything can be managed smoothly and respectfully, no matter where in the world the unexpected happens.

Choosing the right travel protection is crucial, and we are here to make this process as straightforward and supportive as possible. If you’re looking to ensure that you and your loved ones are covered, no matter where your travels take you, reach out to us at Getting Your Affairs in Order. Let’s discuss how we can provide travel protection that meets your needs.

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