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Estate Documentation Service

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If you could significantly simplify things and save your Executor multiple hours of frustrating paperwork, would you?

If you answered ‘Yes’, purchasing the Estate Documentation and Identity Theft Service will become a necessary part of your estate planning.

What Is Our Estate Documentation Service?

Peacehold provides direct assistance to the executor and estate, helping simplify a complex process and speed up your time to claim and closure. 

We specialize in the accurate and efficient preparation of documents and notification after the passing of a loved one. At a time of uncertainty and in their time of need, we come alongside our families and offer administrative guidance with compassion and respect.

Estate planning

How it Works

Step 1: Initial Consultation

A qualified Associate will collect all of the necessary information during a 30-60 minute phone appointment.

Step 2: Review and Identify

We carefully evaluate hundreds of items, identifying those relevant to the estate, saving you hours of frustration.

Step 3: Complete Paperwork

All relevant documents will be prepared for your signature and express-mailed to you within 10 business days.

Step 4: Sign and Mail

Sign and date the documents, and mail in the pre-stamped and addressed envelopes

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