Getting Your Affars in Order

Pre-Planning Burnaby

About Pre-Planning

Start shaping your future today.

Should someone need to untangle your finances without your guidance, would they know your possessions, the location of your will and insurance, or who to entrust with your pet? Benefit yourself and your loved ones by getting things in order now.

Pre-plan with us...

By opting to pre-plan with us, you guarantee today’s rates for your final arrangements, effectively shielding against future price increases for our offerings.

Why Do This

A True Gift To Your Family.

Pre-planning lifts the burden of decision-making from your loved ones during challenging times, seamlessly integrating with will and estate planning to clarify your end-of-life wishes. This process not only mitigates the risk of emotional overspending by offering a variety of financial plans but also ensures your preferences are honored, providing both financial savvy and emotional comfort.